Youtube subs - who do you follow?

I fucking love his skills,looks absolutely stunning. The guy is a magician with resin, I can highly recommend his stuff.


I subscribe, but don’t pay owt.

A LOAD of WoT folk.

I subscribe to:

JackFrags, Aculite, Jeff Leach, Tomographic, Jelle’s Marble Runs, LevelCapGaming, Stodeh, Westie, BreaktheVices, Red Arcade, Viva La Dirt League, a load of music bands.

But I am not paid subs.

If @Xander was from 'straya and did chemistry:

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Found two amazing leather related channels. One guy restores old leather products, like Gucci bags or highend leather shoes. For me it is interesting how I can make my stuff last longer with a few easy tricks. Highly educationally and I love his calm soothing way of explaining things without any filter!

The other one is a bit of a mixed bag. His youtube channel is basically a giant selling platform for the leather patterns he offers on etsy. In its own, very good resource for me to get ideas what might be possible or new techniques. However, he always seems to “over” act in the videos. Furthermore a lot of his tutorials are beginner focused and sacrifice additional steps to increase longevity for “ease of building”. He never uses glue for example. I will try the leather Flat cap next, wanted to make one for a long time already!


New channel for me: The Operations Room

Found through this video:

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I recognise this guys voice. Did he do a video on that SAS boy in Kenya?

Not sure, he might have this is a new channel apparently.

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Dont think its the same guy. Watched other one again.

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I like this dude. He has been making flight videos for a while as an instructor in RAF. Some good in cockpit footage.

Now Im loving seeing him adapt to flying in DCS. Flight Sim. I love that whole angle of “real fighter pilot” flys against “gamer” kind of thing. But I like the energy of this dude. Think he is a bit wired ,

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For some reason this was suggested in my YoutTube vids! Thought of you.


Just found this guy:

Wow his models are amazing.

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Recently started following a quirky guy called Markus Rothkranz - No idea who he was, I just liked some of his photography techniques and ethos (like no post-production, shooting in JPEG and getting your colour, white-balance and lighting sorted in the scene and not in an Adobe package afterwards)

Anyway, he occasionally alludes to “Hollywood” - So he must be someone big that I’m just unaware of…

Well, yes and no. Check out his “Who Am I” Video below:

Seriously, that guy is extraordinarily talented - and yet, gets bored of it. The amount of different things he done makes, well, my past feel boring :stuck_out_tongue:


Afterskool - various topics, great illustrations

AdamC - Films car meets.

CruisingTheCut - guy who lives on a narrowboat in the UK

EvazuBeck - vlogger of travel

EverardJunction - creating model rail, the detail, the scale of this ongoing project!

Exploring with Fighters - urbex, bit clickbaity sometimes.

Geoff - train god of UK. the ma also behind the channel All the Stations

geowizard geogussr player, but im here for the vlogs, admitidly he hasnt done many in 2020, but pre pandemic, straight lining across wales/real life geogussr/trips across europe

Ghost Town Living - has been living in an abandoned town for the last 9 months in America perfect getaway for him in a pandemic tbh.

Girl Outdoors vlogger UK Outdoors

harrys farm farmer in the UK vlogging that life

MapMen Mainly vids about maps

lost mines 2 guys go in mines in north wales, usually mines that have not been inside for over 100 years.

No More Jockeys - game played by Horne, Key and Watson

Luke C in a HGV - Just a guy in a lorry vlogging about his day in UK,

Poet and Vuj Football talk

shiey for the eastern european train hopping life

Survival Russia Lets go camping in winter in Russia - Russian goodness

Stumbled across this today. Have linked it a particular favourite bit. Takes me back to Medal of Honour campaign days. Ahh.