ZEN 3 Being launched now

5900x $549
5600X $299

5950x $799

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So we’re up to 5xxx series now? I lose track. More launches than an iPhone…

Yip. With a tease of Zen 4 in design at moment.

Didnt really say too much was fairly short showcase. I was half watching it whilst studying. Didnt seem that impressive improvements on gaming from what I saw although they used some headline % improvements figures of I dunno around 25-28% ot something.
November shipping. Il await some benchmarks and see what the price of the 3000 series cpus drop to.

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Will try and update some more infos. and stuff here.




Out of all these stats, TDP is where it is at for me… 6C/12T @ 65W is pretty awesome for only $299 - especially with 4.6Ghz Turbo. If it can hold that all-core without throttling (which it should do) then I am very interested.

But interesting to see benchmarks against older chips for raw CPU vs CPU power. I bet there isn’t much - it’s just newer Ryzens wont bottleneck due to PCI4 etc.

GFX card is my next buy. Don’t think I’m anywhere hitting my Ryzen 2700 max yet.

TDP is my thought also, except coming the other way. As it turns out for most of my workstation-y stuff I don’t actually need 64 threads, so 32 and a TDP almost 150% lower is appealing to say the least.

Zero additional socket power. Same TDP’s.

Nice colours. Pretty.

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I find the AMD CPU innovation story interesting but I do wonder if Intel have been busy and will drop something to catch themselves up a bit as for a long time Intel’s clock speed and IPC advantage has given more FPS to games but that gap is not so large now!

I wish AMD could catch up with Nvidia in the GPU space though since competition is good for us consumers but Nvidia dont slow down on thier innovation even though they are only competing with themselves!


You tend to find multi-channel companies can’t invest everywhere. They’ll have an R&D budget, and they have to decide where to spend it. Do they focus in one core area and dominate it, and then have other mediocre channels that people will buy just because of the name? Sony have been like that - you can always tell where their focus is: Amazing TV innovation… but their audio systems would be gash… or they’d fall out the phone market and their camera market would improve (which is currently has). They can’t be the best everywhere.

AMD has that problem. To beat Intel and Nvidia, technically you’d need the R&D and infrastructure greater than both companies combined. That would be huge.

I’d say AMD has been focused on their CPU range (obviously) recently - but not just in the desktop market - they’ve invested heavy to take a slice of the pie out of the corporate/server/workstation market too. That’s pretty brave. They are also trying to hit the laptop market where previously they’ve always been a joke.

This means they realistically can’t do the same to Nvidia. You’ll know when they do (if they do) - because it won’t be just a slightly better card than what Nvidia can produce, they’ll go out to rewrite the rules of all the graphics card market places - including 3D design, studios, mobile, laptop etc etc.

If they just release a couple of cards that run roughly the same as Nvidia - it means the investment isn’t truly there. They’d probably just undercut Nvidia on price to piss them off - But there won’t be innovation.

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The new Zen chips are prices at $50 more than there previous price points. I wonder if that’s a contribution towards the extra they are gonna knock of the GFX cards now? :thinking:

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Whats interesting here is the 5600x scores! At what $299?

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