ZiiP Affiliated Links



Support ZiiP when you shop by using retailers affiliated with us. When you click on a link, subsequent products you click on should be counted too. If you use a vouchercode site or having things like amazon’s charity program active, then that overrules any ZiiP affiliated links.

As much as I hate Black Friday. Here are links to some landing pages:

Black Friday Amazon

Ebuyer Black Friday

PC World Currys Black Tag Sale

More to be added… like Argos.


Nice work, Jes - TVM.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand perhaps something else to prep for - cyber monday?


Yo @jester You got an affiliate link for Razer?


annoyingly I could have, but I don’t today. I’ll set one up for the future - but if it is a Black Friday deal you’ve seen, it won’t be up in time.


Dont worry man. Think I am not going to bother. Will probably use Amazon. Cheers though.


Sorry to ask whilst you are still settling, @Jester but I currently have a basket with around £450 in it. Now, I can’t guarantee a purchase until I get home from hospital cos I need to ensure my pc has space for pcie card gubbins thing…
But I don’t know the mechanics of how you set up a linky thingy nor how long it takes you…


Which retailer mate?


Amazon… Sorry. :wink:


send me a link to one of the items, I’ll generate an affiliate link. Just make sure you click it before you buy :slight_smile:


Roger! How long is it valid for, me dear?


forevers and evers



Tar :slight_smile: