ZiiP Book Club - What are you reading atm?


after you read it, watch the movie if you haven’t seen it :slight_smile:


I am not read but listening to ‘Artemis’ by Andy Weir. He also wrote ‘The Martian’



Read the left, now on the right…

It’s been a busy few months!




Haven’t read for a while which makes me sad but recently started re-reading:

  • Gaunst Ghosts saga - Got to ‘The Guns of Tanith’ but can’t bring myself to read on because that book made me literally cry my bastard eyes out.

  • Re-reading ‘The Remaining’ book series

Got the tingly feeling to re-read ‘Red Storm Rising’ for easily the 10th time and quite fancy digging up another Zombie series called ‘Surviving the evactuation’ after that got pretty dark as well.


Dragonlance: Heroes Series


Started up ‘Surviving The Dead’ like I knew I would and loving it like I did first time around.

Finding ‘The Remaining’ book one a harder read than I remember, being much slower than I remember but also maybe because I already know about some of the more arduous stuff that is in store in the next few books.


Prequel book to the game.



Slowly, very slowly getting through this. Need to read much more!!

Also this. Coz Physics. eh @Xander



Finished Roadside Picnic and also Northern Lights in Italy.


Roadside Picnic was phenomenal. Having played the STALKER Games first I had some idea of what to expect. What I didn’t expect was such a human and low down vision of a world hit with bizarre phenomena. That the book delves into both the positive and negative sides of aliens leaving behind such crazy tech and hazards from everyone’s perspective is awesome. Highly recommend a read.


Northern Lights was a recommendation by my GF. It’s a young adult novel but that’s bollocks - there’s an armoured polar bear fight that would fit right into a 18 rated movie in there! Great read, well paced with some excellent world building.

Going to move onto the Subtle Knife and finish the Dark Materials Trilogy later in the year…


Got a longer commute these days so I’m hoping to finally get back in some reading. Currently making good progress in the Welcome to Night Vale book, based on the podcast of the same name. Quirky, charming and lovecraftian at the same time. Night Vale is a quiet desert town where all conspiracy theories are true and time doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.


That Northern Lights trilogy is fantastic. The world building just gets better and better, and I personally loved the whole “anti-church” theme throughout the series.



Fuck. Yes. I just hope that it has some solid production value behind it!


Ohhh nice. Actually re-reading these at the moment :slight_smile:


Reading the Pathfinder Trilogy by Orson Scott Card. I think this is the second reading.


Am currently reading about the dark angels they seem like top blokes definitely on the level next to no shenanigans what’s so ever

Ps. I don’t know if it helps but if you go surfing the waves on your phone you can use a reading app called lithium once everything has been zippied


Cheers buggsy, I like taking my reading as reading and not listening.


Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind. When I get the chance.


The last I read was “The Thirst - Jo Nesbo” its a Thriller series witht eh main chracter Harry Hole. I love the series, bit of detective story with an untypical criminal investigator showing his path through lifes hardships as well as some good thriller material.

Before that, “Larry Niven - The Voodoo Game”, some sort of SciFi mixed with a fantasy inspired game where the teams try to win a price in a virtual augmented reality. That with some cliche industry spying behind the scenes. It was a good read but not as good as his other books! Bit olrder book, from around 1991.


I’ve read a few things in the last couple of months.

Read Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. Absolute classic story, very different from the film idea and acts as a pretty solid zombie fiction…but before anyone did any zombie fiction like we recognise.

Also read Albert Camus’ The Outsider, a simple tale of a frenchman who does A Thing but everyone judges him for the way he handles an unrelated thing and ends up suffering under society as a result. Quite an interesting piece of philosophy.