ZiiP Book Club - What are you reading atm?


I’m not a big reader - tend to read more non-fiction than fiction… but partly inspired by this thread and as a means to relax in an evening I’ve started a new book…

Know nothing about the author, or the lead character. Just know who the Stasi were, so went from there…


Restarted William Gibson’s works now… The man who invented my job, pretty much :slight_smile:




very interesting getting more from this new cannon


Just finished player of games (put my thoughts up elsewhere).

Now got a craving for more sci fi - but already done two Banks novels this year. Any recommendations?


STAR WARS! alot of great stuff come out for the new cannon. Or ready player one i hear thats good and theres a film comming soon


Finished Stasi Child the other day - I found it a good read, with some nice suspense and thought-provoking elements. Easy to read and concludes at a good pace.

Set in the mid-1970s in East Germany, it gives a nice point-of-view of people unhappy with the structure of their political environment, yet through not knowing the alternative (and through DDR propaganda) see the West as a fascist state of corporate greed. Well, not everyone…

That’s not what the story is about though. That’s something far more sinister. I’ll leave you to read it to find out…

Continuing the series, I’ve decided to dive straight into the next one… Stasi Wolf…


Xander, you read much Orson Scott Card? Don’t be put off by Ender’s game if that’s all you’ve read mind, those series really go places once they get started. I’ve always enjoyed Stephen Baxter’s Manifold series too if you’ve not read it.


Not read much Scott Card. Ender’s Game always unnerved me with its focus on youth.

Will check out Manifold for sure.


One of my most favouritest books ever


Technically i’m not reading but I am listening to some audio books, so I get to listen to some thing on the way to work. Here’s what i’ve read in the last few months in no particular order

The Thirst - Jo Nesbo - I great books and perfect for the winter reading
Neuromance - William Gibson - It was on my list for a while, a great book and worth the read.
The Dark Tower - Stephen King - I’ve only read the first but I found this hard to get into.
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline - Brilliant, I love the pop culture references. The audio version is narrated by Wil Wheaton who did a really good job.
Operation Mincemeat - Ben Macintyre - A very interesting true story.
Rendezvous with Rama - Arthur C Clarke - I thought I should give this a go. It’s a good story even if a little dated, but you can’t hold that against him.
Leviathan Wake - James S A Corey - I thought I should read this as I started watching the expanse. A very good book, the series is better in my opinion though.
Armada - Ernest Cline - Give it a miss. I ready this a couple of books after Ready Player One. It reeks of the publishers pushing for more of the same.
Reamde - Neil Stephenson - The first book of his i’d read, a great story that’s set in the present.

Currently reading\listening to.

Masters of Doom - David Kushner - All about John Carmac and John Romero and about how they got together, created DOOM and QUAKE and then how it went tits up. I’ve not finished this but i’m enjoying it so far.

I’ve got Calibans War to read next.


You have to read Peter F Hamilton, Richard Morgan, Neal Asher, Charles Stross, Alastair Reynolds, Neal Stephenson, Nick Harkaway, Ann Leckie, Robert Reed, Stephen Baxter…

Any from this wall would do, to be honest… despite being reversed for some reason


Just finished reading Nick Bostrom’s new book “Super Intelligence”, trying to stick with non fiction for the time being though so about to start “Applied Cryptography”, but I wont start that util I finish Larry Niven’s “Ringworld”, have a few classic sci-fi’s i’ve been meaning to read too… not enough hours in the day!


So I just picked this up today. Looks like the kind of sci fi I was after. Will report after a read.


Am currently reading corax
From the horus heresy series
Its been a long read but am nearly through the whole series… I recall nothing from the start but dammit iv always wanted to read the whole thing so that’s what am doing


Turns out my goal of reading 20 books this year was optimistic…


I managed 6 spoon, think youre doing pretty well!


According to my Kindle am over 30 this year
But I reread an old series I love
Its like skim reading because Iv read them so many times
Jim butcher the dresden files
A wise cracking detective wizard who gets his ass beat alot but still pulls through
An has bondage sex with a vampire at one point


So some Steven Erikson again. Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach.


Am reading through corax at the moment close to finishing the horus heresy so many stories and short stories it’s difficult keeping things straight because iv read alot of what’s happened after the events


Started this the other day, really liking it.