ZiiP Book Club - What are you reading atm?


Heard Andy Weir on Radio the other day doing an interview about his new book “Artemis”. Set on the moons only city in the 2080’s about some smuggler chick trying to earn some extra dough and getting into some trouble in the process. Sounded interesting.


Bought “The Martian” on kindle for the ipoo the other day. Saw Artemis there as well, will probably buy it tonight.


Finished corax bit of a naff ending
Onto the master of mankind!!

Initial thoughts and impressions

The emperor compared the primachs to fekin Pinocchio :joy:
The tech guys from Mars are dicks
The ten thousand are dicks
The emperor was just trying to make a really realistic trainset
Magnus did nothing wrong


For anyone that is a fan of his work, Raymond E. Feist is doing a book tour of the UK for his new line of books.

“King of Ashes” is the first book in a new trilogy and I don’t think it’s set in Midkemia or Kelewan, so it may be a whole new universe he’s dabbling in.

Dates are 22nd April - 28th of April. Locations are to be confirmed yet.


Big rays a right babe!! His stuff got me into reading


I was already an avid reader before I bought “Magician”… the amount I read grew a LOT once I read that.

I loved that book and story so much that I read it once a year, every year, for 10 years :slight_smile:


Finished master of mankind yesterday
That ending sucked aswell
Onto the garro twat book now
not a fan of his story ark so dunno
Might just start reading a different one instead


So reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson again. Good read and recommended.


Thanks for the recommendation @n0tch. Enlightening.


Rereading ‘Red Storm Rising’ for the dozenth time.

Got a few on the backburner I need to catch up on like ‘The Remaining’, ‘Surviving The Dead’, a new Gaunt’s Ghosts release and a bunch of other scifi and 40k stuff.

I’m also thinking about picking up '‘John Clarke Ignition!’ when it’s rereleased - article about it.


Thought id update what i’ve read\listened to recently. I’ve tried to start reading something with that’s a bit light hearted in between the darker books as i’ve felt it’s kind of affecting my mood. Though it could be down to the weather as well.

  • Altered Carbon By Ritchard Morgan - Not sure I liked this. The idea was good but not executed that well.
  • Back Story by David Mitchell - It was fairly funny but i’m not sure about biography’s for minor celebrities.
  • Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews - This was pretty good, I was more interested in the spy craft than the love story in this.
  • How not to be a boy, by Robert Webb - I’d read David Mitchells book so I thought I should read Robert Webbs. This was pretty funny and quite sad in places. Worth a read though.
  • The Honourable School Boy by John le Carré - The story wasn’t that great in my opinion and it was a hard read for me but the amount of detail in this book was pretty impressive.
  • Console Wars by Blake J Harris - Im currently listening to this book. I’m loving the story about Sega and Nintendo, this may well be because I grew up at this time and can remember the games and ads used. It’s more about the people than the games themselves and is set in America not Europe. Worth a read.

Next book will be Locked In by John Scalzi


Damn i love this universe!


Got a bunch of books I need to finish and because of that I’ve started reading and new one: Roadside Picnic, the book used as influence/the basis of the STALKER games.


after you read it, watch the movie if you haven’t seen it :slight_smile:


I am not read but listening to ‘Artemis’ by Andy Weir. He also wrote ‘The Martian’



Read the left, now on the right…

It’s been a busy few months!




Haven’t read for a while which makes me sad but recently started re-reading:

  • Gaunst Ghosts saga - Got to ‘The Guns of Tanith’ but can’t bring myself to read on because that book made me literally cry my bastard eyes out.

  • Re-reading ‘The Remaining’ book series

Got the tingly feeling to re-read ‘Red Storm Rising’ for easily the 10th time and quite fancy digging up another Zombie series called ‘Surviving the evactuation’ after that got pretty dark as well.


Dragonlance: Heroes Series


Started up ‘Surviving The Dead’ like I knew I would and loving it like I did first time around.

Finding ‘The Remaining’ book one a harder read than I remember, being much slower than I remember but also maybe because I already know about some of the more arduous stuff that is in store in the next few books.