ZiiP Fantasy Football League


Seems to get less and less each season :frowning: But I enjoy it.

If you want to join the ZiiP league, it’s free, and it is something else to banter about.

Enter here: https://fantasyfootball.skysports.com/leagues/8375860


I’ll give it a go again. Might see if i can go a full season this year! lol

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I have entered a team

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Football actually has so little interest for me that I won’t even sign up to a fantasy league! :smiley: Sorry though :confused:


Nice one guys. My brother @Wolfrik has entered a team too.

@VirulentPip - you up for entering? @Scottyboy? @Leepants? You all know your footy. I would ask @adrock out of politeness, but I think I know his answer already :stuck_out_tongue:


I shall be yes.


@Jester - Pope good choice - I went for Heaton but now both are out injured (pope - Shoulder last night) might need a re-think


Yeah, read that about Pope last night. Bugger :stuck_out_tongue:


Just re-jigged my team about - changed 4


I cant see me sticking it. I tend to start with good inetentions and quickly lose interest/track in fantasy football. Cheers though.


And joined :slight_smile:

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Not long now til the start of the season, and also the end of the transfer window…

Players so far:

Narnia United (Wolfrik)
Virulent Vindicators (VirulentPip)
Dalton Select (Hammy)
Jester’s XI (Jester)
Gilo’s No Hopers (MicJules)

Any more fancy joining in? Free to play.

I’ve had to jostle my defence around a bit - removed Pope as keeper. I see that Joe Hart has signed for Burnley… Can’t see that working out well. Thought about Pickford, but opted for Alisson in the end.

Going for a 3-5-2


Changed my team due to the uncertainty around Pogba, changed formation to 3-4-3

Gives me a better front line!

@Leepants - where’s your team?


90 minutes to go… get your last minute transfers in…


88 points for the first week. I’ll take that :slight_smile:

Would have been over a 100 if I hadn’t swapped my initial choice of Mane and replaced him with Mahrez. Doh!

Might be my first sub…

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Not a bad start at all! I forgot to switch out Leno once Emery said that Cech would be his no.1 choice… Early days though! Need to remember to keep on top of it.


de Bruyne has done his knee in. Not confirmed how bad yet - but knees are generally pretty serious.


‘De Bruyne may miss ‘two to four months’’



BUGGER!!! had to do a re-jig :frowning:


Some interesting points… I’ve got Agüero for this weekend. I bet he’ll score - regardless of the form against Huddersfield.

As for Cardiff - I might change my striker each week to whichever team is playing against them :stuck_out_tongue: