ZiiP Fantasy Football League

Anyone have Boly in their team?

I dunno, what area of high street retail do they focus on?

Yep - gutted :frowning:

Last game of the Premier League season on Sunday

Table as it stands:

1 Jester’s XI (Jester) 2678
2 Gilo’s No Hopers (Micjules) 2453
3 Dalton Select (Hammy) 2119
4 Virulent Vindicators (Pip) 1733
5 Mad FC (Madman) 1440
6 Narnia United (Wolfrik) 1390

I didn’t run away with the league as much as I thought - When Solskjaer came in I used my remaining Transfers to bring in Rashford and Pogba - figuring that if they played with a purpose, they’d be fitter than anyone else as they’d done fuck all for most of the season to that point.

Sadly, Man Utd’s improvements were short lived… and Mic started to catch me up.

I almost broke into the top 1000 on the national leaderboard at one point… but now I’m down to #3072 - which is still my best finish in any FF game.


I as usual played up until about end of Jan/start of Feb and then forgot all about it.

Well done Jes on winning!

My main aim was to finish with dignity, but Hammy then started to catch up, and Jess started to lose points so I am happy with 2nd

Jess - are you doing another league?

Yes mate - I will be. I noticed that Sky FF is back live. Everyone still happy with that?

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i’m gonna pass this year. always start out but lose interest.

awwww mate. It’s always a good talking point

I know, i did say the same last year and ended up with 3 teams in different ones. Will see what happens

If you want to use a different league to make it easier, just say. I’ve done the Sun one in the past - but prefer the Sky one now. Never done the official PL one.

They are all much of the same now days. I’ll join in and see what happens.

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Restarted the ZiiP League

Pin: 8428411

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Entered. Let’s see how long I last this time

Free transfers until tomorrow if you haven’t done it yet. @hammy @MicJules


Actually looked this morning and made one transfer.

Aymeric Laporte out for 6 months. Damn.

Yep - managed a complete overhaul yesterday

Hope no one had the Southampton keeper!