ZiiP Fantasy Football League


Another successful weekend… well, for me anyway. Over 200 points already

Aguero scored a hat-trick, which benefited @MicJules and myself. This has pushed Mic into 2nd above @Hammy.

I swapped out Fabinho 15 minutes before Liverpools match last night, as it looked like he wasn’t the on team sheet for a second match running. I ran with Milner as a replacement - which was good, as he scored.

Only other majoring upset was if anyone had Vardy - who got sent off on Saturday.


Made a few changes, which means these players will now play shit


48 minutes to get any transfers done for this weekend. My team is fit, with no suspensions.


Balls! I had the app open earlier to switch out a suspended defender and forgot… derp


@MicJules is hot on my heels. I’ve got no Spurs players… so he may catch me tomorrow depending on how Kane & Trippier perform.

Obviously I’m hoping that Trippier gets sent off and Kane misses two penalties… he’ll score a hat-trick now, as it is September.


Unlimited Transfers now available for the international period


I am getting completely spanked by Jess :frowning: was catching up then injury to hazard, change of formation and back fired plans


I had Aguero and Morata today. Up to 859 points - placed #2084 in the global leaderboard. 1087 points is currently in the top spot. Probably my best season yet.


How many Transfers do you have left?


about half


Aguero and Kane got me 44 points…

Your gap has grown to over 120 points! :wow:


Got over 100 points yesterday.

I’m currently in 783rd position in the overall league table, and about 80 points off being in the top 100.

probably my best FF season to date.


Anderson brace as captain sorted out my Xmas week. 44 points on top of Salah’s 44. Happy days.


I really need to look at this more.


Pulling away from Hammy :slight_smile:


Took a gamble that Pogba would start playing football now Jose has gone. Low and behold, he is - and he’s surprisingly well rested, having done nothing for the first part of the season.

Made him captain yesterday. 56 points from him. Over 100 for the week. Up to 541st place in the overall league, 253 points off the top spot (no chance of getting that) - but only 80 points off being in the top 100. Which is my aim.

Currently 13th in the Aston Villa league. Although it could be argued that what does anyone in that league know about football? Phnawr.


Well done fella… I seem to make the right selection, and then changed it and regret it :frowning:


Anyone have Boly in their team?


I dunno, what area of high street retail do they focus on?


Yep - gutted :frowning: