ZiiP Golf Society (The Golf Club 2)

As “The Golf Golf 2” is going for under 6 quid on the Steam sale, @jester and myself have picked it up. So, I am here by starting the ZiiP Golf Society

All you need to do to join this is pick up the game. We can then arrange an outting, where there will be prizes* given for the following:

  • Longest Drive (on a certain hole)
  • Close to the Pin (on one par 3)
  • 2s club (anyone with a “2”)
  • Overall

We can arrange a date and course to play in the coming days.

So, any one else fancy this?? I know @Scottyboy played the last time we done this with Tiger Woods, and a 6 quid why not?!?!?

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Yeah. Il pick this up.


Fuck me, this game is not easy!

Game purchased. Will download it this evening. while footy is on. I didnt get any DLC mind.

Niether did I.

Shall we have a round this Tuesday?

Aye maybe. After the football.

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Wee bit tricky Aye. I seem to be terrible at around the 70-100 yds range. Always hitting it short.

Putting for me I’d a nightmare. Can’t read the greens

Putting is very difficult.

We have a golf society in game if anyone wishes to join us…

Putting is hard. Judging distances is hard but this game is bloody good.

Managed a few birdies today. Also a ‘Squirrel’ I think he went down a bit easy.


obviously scared it and it fainted…

First round scores… quite a deceptive little course:

Solid round by @Scottyboy , I was consistently bad, but not terrible. @Hammy threw it away on the 17th!

Definitely going to play more of this… really fun golf game. :slight_smile:


Quite enjoy it. Think the shot watching could be a bit better executed. Pretty much all we are doing is waiting till the character has played then seeing an animation. It would be a bit better if we could see shot selection more clearly, even being able to pull up the course planner so you can think ahead. Few bugs with the “kill cam” but probably down to packet loss or something.
Great value atr £5.99 for sure. I hope we can keep up to speed with it, even try and organise at least one round a week like that.

Just had a cheeky 18… found a nice course that wasn’t too taxing - lots of simple par 4s, long drive, simple chip.

Was joined by an American as I played. He wasn’t so good… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’ll help my handicap…

I’ve also donated 500 generic game currency to the ZiiP Society. Should be able to level it up soon. Oh, and I’ve changed the colour of the bar… doesn’t clash with @Scottyboy now…

Would this be friendly for someone who hasn’t played a golf game in about 15 years and isn’t interested in watching golf (so knows nothing about the different clubs etc)

TLDR - Is this complete noob friendly?

If you don’t know golf, then there’ll be bits to learn - bit it isn’t overly complex. Most of the time, the game selects the club etc that it thinks would suit you best…

but with experience, you can see how changing the default that might improve your performance… for example: using a longer club with more spin which lowers the range, but means the ball will stop where it lands or learning to put fade on the ball to get around obstacles etc.

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Righto, I’ll have a look see… Worth it for that price either way! When does the sale end?

Just had a cheeky 18, ending in 2 under… which makes me feel a little bit better after last night’s terrible round. :slight_smile:

Got my handicap - 11.9

Also put another 500 into the Society and upgraded it to level 3. We need a better bar.

I put 600 in last night.

Enjoyed last nights round. Well the back 9 was good.