ZiiP's Summer Holiday

AKA, Caolan is dragging his heels and not building a house for us so Scotty has built a man shed.

This is totally early doors, but we know what we are like so we might as well start to try and get organised for something that might or might not happen now. Scotty, obvs this is no pressure, it’s just good management.

I am quite happy to drive up picking up various tossers on the way with maybe a boozy stayover halfway up, or alternatively, fly up into Edinburgh and hire a car.

We are looking at June, July from a very brief drunk convo with Scotty tonight.

Chaps, thoughts?

Scotty, please chip in with affermations or deniability thoughts as you see fit and I will delete this posthaste or other things. I am quite drunk. And stuff.


I can affirm I did build a man shed.

ok. This is a possibility and Id be happy as larry to host you slags at mine for a few bevvies. Not as much space as at Caoland mind. But I am sure we can overcome that.

Very early provisional date would be weekend of the 27th June. Misses is going to Australia in June but hasnt booked flights yet so could be weekend before or after.

We would need to suss out logistics of sleeping arrangements as I certainly do not have as much space as Caoland. I have one spare room, One sofa bed in my Office, and I potentially could have room for 2 or 3 sleeping bags in another spare room. But these things can be overcome once we know if folk can be arsed coming to Scotland.

Anyway if folks do come up we can play some Virtual Reality on the Vive, hang out in the Bar, do whatcha like really.


Will have to see how things are after coming back from America

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Sleeping bag in the garden with fire pit. Sorted.


Well there is a fire pit. And to be fair even in Scotland there is a possibility that one night of June could be suitable for this.

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That’s why you have Whisky isn’t it? To compensate against unpredictable weather…

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Just about to leave and go and pick this up for putting in my Bar. This distillery is like I dont know less than 10 mins drive from my house.


Traveling up is no issue for me, do it a few times a year to my siblings in Livingston (& afaik you ain’t that far away from hers, maybe even closer). Will just depend on work situation at the time more than any thing else.

@RoGuE Closer mate. You would have to more or less pass mine to get to Livingston. Even if you went up A68 or A1.

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